The Preeminent Secret Society of the Lalafell World Order
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Behemoth - Technical Difficulty Technical Difficulty is now recruiting! 💪 We have all that FC stuff like buffs and mansions and hot tubs and the delusion that drama only happens to other people... BUT, in addition to all that family™️ goodness, we'll actually say Hi and/or wave to you when you log in!!
We're talking personal recognition here people! An actual custom-tailored acknowledgement to your virtual existence!
Because let's face it- that's as close to being friends as most of us are gonna get around here- and it all could be yours!

(greeting not guaranteed and is only available while supplies last)
[Beh] Pixel Eigengrau - 2020 . 02 . 18
Excalibur - The Old TImers Guild Laid back, not too serious, no drama... All about the fun! To apply, contact one of our officers or visit [Exc] Odo Prapo - 2020 . 02 . 19
Leviathan - Arkham Asylum We are a small friendly and active lalafell fc looking to expand to run more content as a team and such. With fun holiday events too! Everyone is welcome to join our casual crew 🖤 [Lev] Nym Neko - 2020 . 02 . 20
Leviathan - Lalaviathan Lalaviathan is a company for Lalafell and fans of Lalafell. We are a more casual free company focused on socialising, gathering/crafting, and goofing around. [Lev] Puddingcess Rubi - 2020 . 02 . 20
Behemoth - No Game No Life Where Anime meets games in a true No Game No Life style; wheres gamers thrive! [Beh] Despicable Me - 2020 . 02 . 20